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Knowledgeable and Experienced Registered Agents For Your Business

Protect yourself and your business. No one wants to be served legal papers at work or home. That's where our registered agents come in. Our low-cost annual fee for our services protects the privacy of your business. Our registered agents are knowledgeable about compliance management systems and monitor all filings or notifications for your business.

Registered Agent: Why Do You Need One?

All U.S. states require corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and other business entity types to designate an office within the state for the purpose of accepting legal process (exceptions are entities registering in New York State and Oklahoma foreign entities). You must provide an in-state address to where a court summons, wage garnishment or other legal correspondence can be physically delivered.
If your company does not have a physical presence (office) within a state in which you are required to be registered with the Secretary of State or the equivalent, you will be required appoint another party to serve as registered agent. We provide this service.

Acceptance of Legal Process/Reports

We will forward via email or fax all legal process received on behalf of your company. In addition, we will forward via U.S. Mail all annual report notices received by our offices. We do not charge additional fees for forwarding documents.
Knowledable and experienced registered agents for your business in Salem

Service Area and Fees

You can change or register for a certified agent online today. It's never been so simple! With prices starting at $95.00, we can save you money on registered agent fees. Click on the link below to see the fees for your state.
Service Area and Fees

Reasonable Rates, $95 Annually

You'll save money when you use Pacific Registered Agents, Inc. as your registered agent. Our rate is $95 per year, per state. We do not charge additional fees for forwarding legal process or reports. Order service online at or contact us today, 1-800-535-4828. We're here to help and save you money!

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